Friday 20 May 2016

How to be The Artist you want to be

One day when I'm old and grey (or greyER!), I'll look back and appreciate the fact that I was able to dedicate such a large part of my life to my art.

I think a lot of people out there wish they could find something they are so passionate about.  As committed artists and crafters we are lucky because we've found it.

That said, we're all guilty of self-doubt and here's my thoughts.

Do you have periods of insecurity when it comes to creating?
I know I certainly do.
Tips from The Crippled Crafter - how to feel fulfilled as an artist.

These essential 10 Commandments can be hard to follow, I know that I am particularly guilty of #1!

Try not to worry, your creations are unique and wonderful, and so are you!
Feel free to share this blog post and infographic (please credit this blog when sharing) and spread these words of encouragement with your creative friends!
Some of these "10 Commandments" have been adapted 
from an un-credited list circulating social media.


  1. Hi Sam, this is fabulous and so very true! Thank you for sharing and will share on my blog, thank you for permission too.
    Linda xxx

  2. What a great post Sam. It really says it all. We should craft and create for ourselves and if others get enjoyment from our work it is a bonus!!! X

  3. OK, I just printed this one out. Firstly, because I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments. Secondly, ooooohh, pretty colours....


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