Wednesday 14 May 2014

Christmas in May!

Yes, you DID read that right, Christmas! Yesterday I spent what was otherwise a horrendous day having my new boiler fitted by busying myself with making my entry for a Tag Swap over at That Craft Place. TCP is a bricks and mortar shop (that I have never been to) but they also have a wonderful crafty community on Facebook, HERE.

The swap theme is "Modern Christmas" with the tag to measure at least 3¼ x 6¼". I'm not sure if mine is as radically "modern" as I suspect others will be, there are some very talented folks in the TCP group. However I think I've done a good job with these. I'm looking forward to doing this swap, truth be told, I am a little nervous, this will be my first swap in this group and the bar is set quite high!

After spending some time trying to figure out where to start, ideas for not one but two tags came to me, so I made both! I don't know which of the tags in going to submit for the swap yet, but I'm sure I'll find a use for the other!

The first tag I've called "Xmas Snow Scene" and is made from materials already in my stash, including American Crafts cardstock, padded fabcricy type embellishments (sorry can't remember their names!) And a vellum sentiment as a loose overlay. I went for mountains going into the distance and hope I got at least some perspective into the scene.

The second tag is called "Contemporary Christmas" and is made from more stuff in my stash including the papers for the tea bag shape, and the felt reindeer bunting. The black reindeer is a die cut from a shop bought crimbo card!

Bye for now, Sam


  1. They are great tags, so very different. Love the colours xx

  2. Fabulous tags!!! Knew I should have signed up for that swap!! lol :) Mo x


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