Saturday 24 May 2014

Dipping my Acrylic Toe In!

Yesterday I had a bit of a try at Monoprinting but as I don't have a Gelli Plate (yet!) or even a brayer (yet!) I kept it simple and spread the paint by brush onto a sheet of Acetate.  After pulling and then drying I made it an integral part of a tea bag card and this was the result!

I just love the textures and look of the finished piece and it certainly has given me the mixed media bug! 


  1. WOW, you have made some amazing projects. The tea folding on top in the red is just stunning (and so very time consuming) WOW. THe bottom two are lovely. Great work. Cheers, Holley

  2. These are all so beautiful , great effects with paint too xx

  3. Hi Sam - great projects! Love the colours on the card. Bev xx

  4. That paint background is fabulous! I love the colours. The whole card is fantastic as are the box cards! Erin xx

  5. Hi Sam loving the monoprint - love monoprinting - thanks for reminding me - i too don t have a gelee plate but would be interested to try one out might get around to that soon - your boxes are delicious too hugs Judith x

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed messing with paints! So relaxing and fun ;-)

  7. Stunning projects Sam. Love all of the detail and your fabulous boxes.


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