Thursday 5 June 2014

Pencil Case

Yesterday I was out much of the day spending time with my partner Claire's Nan.  I had a lovely time and I do like to go see her but as a result I didn't get much crafting done other than taking my crochet with me and whipping up a couple of Granny squares! I'm getting quite a pile of them now!

I did however have time to finish off a pencil case that I was making for myself. Production has to temporally cease as I was on the hunt for a zip of just the right shade of fawny brown haha!

Anyway, I managed to find one eventually that I was happy with and here if my pencil case!


As with all my pencil cases it is fully lined.


I already have several pencil cases including another that I made for myself but I wanted to make myself one with this fabric and only once I finished it did I decide what to use it for! It is going to hold my Stabilo fineliners.

I need to make another case to replace my tattered old shop bought one that holds my Sharpies. I may also make myself something similar to stuff in my handbag to hold whatever bit of portable crochet I'm working on!

When does it end?! We always think up other things that we NEED to make don't we! What is on your list??


  1. I love these cases Sam and ty for the one you gave to me it is gorgeous x

  2. Great sewing project, really neat - great fabric.


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