Friday 5 September 2014

Farewell dear little Sheldon

Some may know that I very sadly lost a beloved pet to a sudden illness on Tuesday night and this has just devastated me and completely broken my spirit.

I am struggling to regain any sense of normality and have found myself stuck in a cycle of very temporary normal moments, which the memory of my loss steamrollers through leaving me bereft once again.

I spent time with Sheldon today (he has joined our other rainbow bridge piggies in his own "pig pot" in the garden). I just started crying once more and couldn't stop

Many may think that Sheldon was "just a guinea pig" but to those I simply say "Frell You!"; Sheldon was the most laid back pig, always up for a cuddle session or to just sit with his head up my sleeve or in my jumper just chilling!

So please folks, if you are expecting anything from me at the moment, please give me time. (Fundraisers, Charity commitments, Make It Sew Orders....)

And yes, I do realise that it is 5.30am, and no I've not had any sleep.... sleep is seriously evading me to once again.

Regarding Winnie the guinea pig, the vet and I are exploring possible hormone treatment for her mammary tumors; which have worsened significantly since initial discovery. She has also gone and got herself a hay stick injury to her eye! Luckily I spotted this very quickly, cleaned the eye out and started treatment with eye drops. I am seeing an improvement already.

I do hope the vet can suggest a treatment plan for the tumors that gives her as much time with us as possible.

I just couldn't bear to lose another piggy.  Both the girls are noticeably quieter without Sheldon which is sad to see. Luckily they have each other and have a good bond.

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