Sunday 7 September 2014

Oh yeah!... I won again!

Wow! Another Challenge win under my belt! I chosen as the winner of August's "Anything Goes" challenge over at Crafty Calendar Challenges!

I won with my favourite make recently too... my 52 Reasons Album that I made for my partner when we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last month.

You can find my 52 Reasons Album blog post HERE.

Thank you to the Crafty Calendar Challenge Blog for picking me as your winner, and thank you to Hobbybook for sponsoring!!

This week I'm working on another very large batch of Cat Cushions in between making a handbag using an upcycled pair of jeans. I'm also making myself a pair of trousers!  The first item of clothing I've made so it will remain to be seen whether they resemble trousers at the end of the project!


  1. congrats on the win and the project looks fabulous x
    Sandie x

  2. Congratulations Sam, well deserved it is a gorgeous creation.
    Janet xxx


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