Tuesday 20 January 2015

Catch-up (3 of 3 : Other projects since November)

Welcome back and I sincerely hope you enjoyed the first two catch-up posts!

So this this final update covers other creations I made since November (in no particular order!) when my blogging broke off!

This is a dream journal made for a friend...


This is one of two corsages I made for my wife and I on our wedding day in November!...

And her we are! (I'm on the left)...

And here finally, a clock I made for my wife using a mdf clock blank from That Craft Place...

Thanks folks for sticking with new through these updates! In going to post a couple of Art Journal page Ive made using Journal52 prompts!



  1. Love it all but especially the wedding photo!! Xx

  2. These are gorgeous and a beautiful photograph. Congratulations to you both.
    Linda xxx

  3. Gorgeous makes and moments captured on film (well, digitally). Lurve that clock! xx

  4. Thank you girls for your lovely comments :D I'm off to visit your blogs now xxx


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