Wednesday 6 May 2015


Vote for what you believe in! #VoteGreen

I truly believe in the green party! No they won't get a majority! Hell, they may not even win any extra seats (although I sincerely hope they do!!).

However, I am not falling into the habit of voting Labour just to get the Tories out!! Labour has plenty of policies in their manifesto that I agree with but plenty that have me squinting my eyes with suspicion!

Believe me, I've done a LOT of research this year to find the party, and local candidates, that I feel represent my beliefs. That for me is Green!

I love their local focused policies, I love their commitment to the vulnerable people in society, and I love their dedication to the regaining some balance between the rich and the poor

I may be late to the campaign, but I spent some time consider options and am now firmly and unwaveringly GREEN



  1. It's so important to vote your conscience and not vote for a party just because you think it means you're really voting against another party. Change is possible! I used to live in Alberta, easily the most conservative province in Canada. I used to call it the Texas of Canada. It had a Conservative government for 44 straight years! I used to joke a dead dog could get elected if it had Conservative beside its name on the ballot. Before the conservative it had another right leaning party. Anyway, just last night they elected a majority NDP government. The NDP are Canada's version of Labour. There is hope!!!

  2. Good for you! Voting with your conscience is important and freedom of choice is ours to use as we see fit!
    Linda xxx


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