Saturday 13 June 2015

Flowers & Happiness (book page swap 11 of 12)

Welcome to another of my blog posts showing you the wonderful pages I made as part of a wonderful book swap with 13 fellow crafters dotted all over the world!

More about this swap can be found in my Book Swap Introduction HERE.

So, onto the eleventh page of 12! This page was for Marilyn Honicke, using her chosen theme of FLOWERS & HAPPINESS. Hopefully she should have received this now! 

I used the following materials/steps for this page:
The background of this page is made from nail varnish.  It is done using a technique I used to do on my own nails at one point (before my hands got too shaky to keep the nail varnish on my nails and not half way up my fingers!).

Anyway, that is a technique called water marbelling and a well ventilated HOUSE is recommended!  I think I was high for a day or two after doing this!

The key and lock are laser cut from greyboard by Lisa at That Craft Place.  I painted them both white before heat embossing with Ranger Snowflake Embossing Tinsel. 

I added black glitter card to the back of the lock, face down so that the glitter shows through the keyhole and flourishes on the lock.  I painted the back of the lock black before adding the "HAPPINESS" to the back and heat embossing using the Embossing Tinsel by Ranger.

The flowers, bakers twine, paper and cardstock were all from my stash.
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Here are photos of the rest of the book page:

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A big thank you for stopping by!  Please come back tomorrow to see the final book page in this series and check the home page for ones posted already!

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