Saturday 23 April 2016

A Personal Retrospective - CCP DT CALL

Recently, due to a DT Call, I have been reminiscing, looking back over my blog at my favourite projects.  I'd like to share some of them with you today.

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1 - "You Bewitch Me"

You can find the blog post relating to this creation HERE.
My absolute favourite project to date has still got to be this fantastic SHADOW BOX which still stands proudly on my mantle piece all year round!

I do often gravitate toward Halloween themes. Well, I certainly did this time!  My tastes change so frequently but I just embrace whatever inspiration comes my way!

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 2 - "Memories"

You can find the blog post for this one, HERE.
This project really was inspired by my memories.  I wanted it to summarise my childhood interests and hobbies.

The top left section simply contains the letter "S" my initial and the section with the tree and the map in the background signifies our holidays as a child, especially up to the gorgeous Isle of Mull in Scotland.  I also included a musical note, and sheet music as I was very musical as a child, having singing and piano lessons as well as taking part in local choirs and shows.  Of course I couldn't miss out my long long love of all crafts and this is where the thimble and scissors come in!

Nowadays, my overwhelming nerdiness and obsession with most things Sci-fi and dystopia are my biggest interests and I occasionally use these interests to inspire my art (as shown in the Star Trek and The Walking Dead projects further down!)

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 3 - "Laugh" (a family album)
More photos and even a video showing more of this creation is on my blog HERE.

I love to incorporate all kinds of materials and techniques in my projects and this album is no exception!  I do love to get stuck into a project and lose myself in to process.  I find albums perfect for this and it almost becomes rhythmical as I methodically work through the pages.  I need to make more!


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 Me being me, I couldn't just stick to 3 favourites!  
 I've added a few more below which I just couldn't leave out and if you click on the description below each one it will take you to the full blog post for that particular project.

       This was a time consuming project, but I so so enjoyed working on it!  It now comes out each December. My wife and I enjoy opening each drawer to see what Christmas themed activity or saying is hidden inside!
  I have a passion for Art Journaling and 3D elements such as wood and greyboard frequently make their way onto my pages.
 It's not unknown for me to include digital images in my projects.
MDF Artist Trading Card
Mixed Media Canvas - Live Long & Prosper
I love to incorporate greyboard and wood shapes into a lot of my projects, and this Spock / Star Trek themed canvas is no exception!
       I love the versatility of greyboard and mdf!  The same pieces can have such different looks with different techniques thrown at them!
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Thank you as always for popping by.  I hope this has given you a little insight into who I am, both personally and as an artist and crafter.  I consider my art a journey, forever learning, forever exploring and I love sharing that journey with you!


  1. Wow wow wow your creativity blows me away I love how each one is different but are so you Good luck with the call Crafty hugs Sand xx

  2. These are all awesome!
    Linda xxx

  3. Fantastic projects, thank you for sharing them (again) so inspiring

  4. Wow.! Fabulous projects.. Loved them all, the walking dead hanger & art journal layout being my top favs :) keep rocking :)

  5. Wow Sam all your creations are amazing no wonder you had trouble choosing three. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Good luck Sam you are super talented and should be snapped up xx

  7. Wow! Such creative pieces and beautiful talent here. I love the shadow box at the top, so many elements to catch the eye and each time I look I see something new, fabulous!

  8. Great Projects - really love "You Bewitch Me"


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