Wednesday 11 January 2017

Autumn Morning Album - TUTORIAL 2/3 (Cover Construction)

Thank you for joining me again today for 
Part 2 of THIS Mini Album Tutorial.
In this part we focus on:

Constructing the Cover
Gluing in the Hinge
Inserting the Pages
Part 1 of the tutorial (Page & Hinge Construction) can be found HERE.
From 2 A4 sheets of Greyboard cut the following:
Piece 11..... CUT 2 x 5½” X 7½”
Piece 12..... CUT 1 x 5½” X 2”
Piece 13..... CUT 1 x 5½” X 1¾”
Piece 14..... CUT 1 x 5½” X 1½”

Glue or tape together 2 scrap pieces of greyboard to use as a spacer. 

Use the spacer to ensure an even gap the width of 2 pieces of greyboard, when attaching the cover pieces together.
Use a wide masking tape to attach the cover pieces together and burnish the tape to each piece well.

A.... Affix masking tape to a short ends of one piece 11.

B.... Attach piece 12 to piece 11. 


C.... Affix masking tape to piece 12.
D.... Attach the second piece 11 to piece 12.
E.... Affix masking tape to piece 11.
F.... Attach piece 13 to piece 11.
G.... Affix masking tape to piece 13.
H.... Attach piece 14 to piece 13. 


Using Autumn Morning 12X12 Paper Pad (5 sheets)

Piece 15..... CUT 1 x 7½” X 9½” (FRONT COVER) (1 Sheet)
Piece 16..... CUT 1 x 7½” X 4” (SPINE) (1 Sheet)
Piece 17..... CUT 1 x 7½” X 9½” (BACK COVER) (1 Sheet)
Piece 18..... CUT 1 x 7½” X 4½” (FLAP) (1 Sheet)

Piece 19….. CUT 1 x 5¼” X 7¼” (INSIDE FRONT COVER) (½ Sheet)
Piece 20….. CUT 1 x 5¼” X 10¾” (INSIDE BACK COVER) (½ Sheet)
A.... Using Archival or Distress Ink, ink the long edges of piece 16, one long edge of piece 18 and all the edges of pieces 19 and 20. 

B.... Affix wide masking tape to both sides of the greyboard cover.
C.... Attach pieces 15 and 17 to the greyboard cover as shown, making sure the pieces are the right way up. 

D.... Cut the corners out from the end overlapping piece (Mitre the corners). Stop about 3mm from the corner. Don’t cut too close to the corner! 

E.... Fold over the long edges and attach to the other side of the album. Use your bone folder to burnish the creases as you go. 

F.... Using your bone folder, GENTLY AND GRADUALLY ease the corner of the paper around the greyboard as shown. Repeat for the other corner.
G.... Fold this short edge and attach to the other side of the album, again using the bone folder to ensure a crisp neat edge. 

H.... Repeat steps C to G above to attach piece 18 to the other end of the cover. 

I.... Using your bone folder, GENTLY AND GRADUALLY score along the joints on the inside of the cover.
( TIP: Don’t over score, you are simply aiming to show the paper that you want it to fold into the joints when opening and closing the cover. )

J.... Repeat steps C and E to attach piece 16 over the spine area of the cover. Mark the centre on the reverse of piece 16 and the centre of the spine and line up these marks to ensure the spine cover is centred correctly. 

K.... Using the same method of marking the centre, attach to hinge piece to inside of the cover with strong double sided tape or wet glue. 

L.... Attach pieces 19 and 20 with double sided tape. 
M.... Repeat step I to score the paper into the flap joints.
N.... Attach a magnet strip to the outside of the flap with wet glue and allow to fully dry before continuing. 

O.... Lay another magnet strip face down on top of the first and apply wet glue to it.
P.... Close the cover of the album over the glue, lining it up as you want it to close.
Q.... Gently prise this magnet off the first magnet, leaving it on the inside of the front cover. Allow to dry fully. 

        Optional: Apply 2 or 3 light coats of Mod Podge Matte to the spine. This makes the spine a little more hard wearing and adds a more luxurious look to the album. 
There’ll be plenty of paper left from these sheets which can be used to decorate the pages later.

A.... Apply wet glue to both sides of the first hinge piece. 

B.... Whilst the glue is wet, slide one of the pages over the hinge, with the sideways pocket facing forwards towards the front cover of the album. 

C.... Repeat for the other 5 pages. 

Thank you for joining me again today.  We'll leave it there for now!

Pop back tomorrow for the third and final part of this tutorial when we'll explore how to decorate the pages of the album!


  1. Awesome Sam love the way you've used the papers to cover the greyboard hugs Sxx

  2. Hi Sam this is amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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