Thursday 12 January 2017

Autumn Morning Album - TUTORIAL 3/3 (Album Decoration)

Welcome back to Part 3, the FINAL part of THIS Mini Album Tutorial!
Today we will learn:
How to cover our pages with patterned paper
Some ideas for embellishing your pages
      Make sure to read to the very end of this post for a surprise treat!

Autumn Morning 12X12 Paper Pad

For all 6 pages in the album you need:

Just a selection of the cut pieces needed!
Piece 21..... CUT 6 x 5” X 5” (Front of page, inside large pocket)
Piece 22..... CUT 3 x 5” X 3⅞” (Front of page, front of large pocket on belly band pages)
Piece 23….. CUT 3 x 3½” X 3⅞” (Front of page, front of large pocket on small pocket pages)
Piece 24….. CUT 6 x 5” X 7” (Back of page)
Piece 25….. CUT 12 x 5” X 5½” (Front and back of the fold out flap)
Piece 26..... CUT 3 x 2⅝” X 3⅞” (Front of page, small pocket)
       Piece 27..... CUT 3 x 5” X 1” (Front of page, belly band)
Piece 28..... CUT 6 x 3⅞” X 5” (Tag, piece 2)
Piece 29..... CUT 12 x 3⅞” X 2½” (Folding tag, piece 6)
Piece 30..... CUT 6 x 3⅞” X 2⅞” (Folding tag, piece 6)
Piece 31..... CUT 6 x 2 ” X 5” (Tag, piece 8)

A.... Ink all the long edges. 

B.... Attach all the pieces to the pages as shown. 

C.... Repeat steps A and B for the tags.



I feel that decorating the cover and pages of a mini album should be a personal thing, so I'm not going to give you a step by step of each page.  Instead, I'm going to share with you ideas and tips to make your album unique and personal to you.

1.... Use your dies to embellish the pages of your album!
2.... If your dies allow, make use of the embossed detail!  Sand it back or ink it up!
3.... Some dies have matching stamps which really give wonderful detail to the die cuts.
4.... Create focal pieces throughout your album, like this leaf wreath using the die cuts above!
5.... Keep each double page spread to one colour scheme.

6.... Of course you don't just have to use die cuts! 
Use stamping, and other materials such as the hessian on this cover. Anything is possible!

For more ideas check out my YouTube Video where I show off each page in full!
Thank you for coming back for the final part of this tutorial!  I've had great fun.

Now time to see how many people have stayed with me until the end! 
 I am going to do a GIVEAWAY!  If anyone would like to be in with a chance of winning the album made during this tutorial, then first leave a comment on this blog post before heading to this Facebook Post and following the instructions there.


  1. I've stayed to the end just love it Sam hugs S xx

  2. This is a very cute album, I love it!

  3. Oh wow Sam this is absolutely stunning I love it. Thank you for such a detailed tutorial. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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