Tuesday 31 March 2015

12 Page Swaps, and so it begins!

Over the last few months a group of fellow crafters and I took part in a Book Page Swap. 

Over the couple of weeks or so I will show you the pages that I created for each person so please don't miss out on what I have to show you!

We were asked to choose a subject on which we would like to receive pages from the others in the swap.  Being forever the pain in the bum that I am, I went with Science Fiction for my own!

Others in the group chose things such as Happiness, Steampunk or Family.  You will find out each person and their theme as I show you a new page each day!

We had a few guidelines to follow.  Every page was to be made 5" x 5" and to leave space in the left border for the holes to be punched for the book rings.  I confess that I fell short of that second rule on a couple of pages! 

The lovely Cheryl Baker, who also has her own craft blog, arranged the swap from start to finish, and also painstakingly created the front and back covers for each of us before binding the books and lovingly sending them on their way!  I'm sure she wont mind me sharing with you a couple of the finished books!  They really showcase the work she put into the covers!
The Fantasy cover, made by Cheryl Baker
The Happiness cover, made by Cheryl Baker
 For now I will leave you with a few teaser images!  You'll have to pop back tomorrow to see the first blog post in this series!

I'll hopefully see you all tomorrow!



  1. Fabulous makes by both you and Cheryl, Sam, utterly fabulous, hugs xxx

  2. Stunning and varied projects Sam.

  3. This is amazing - saw it FB yesterday x

  4. This is absolutely fabulous!
    Linda xx

  5. Oh hun great post you have written hun and no I do not mind at all sweetie loved what you created hun so clever xxx


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