Thursday 10 September 2015

Other Symptoms (CMT Awareness Month 2015 - DAY 10)

Welcome to Day 10 of International CMT Awareness Month on my blog.
To round of this section on symptoms, I want to cover the problems that people with CMT can experience in addition to those with the hands and feet.  

Some of these are common, and some happen only in very rare cases.
Common Symptoms
Hip or knee problems
Hip and knee dislocations can happen, in addition to damage to the joints as a result of the long term unusual walking gait.
Referred pain - back, knees, hips
 As above, compensating for and taking the brunt of the CMT body's usual movements, it is common to experience pain in many areas of the body.
Slight curvature of the spine
Muscle tremors
Less Common Symptoms
As the nerve to the diaphragm can be affected, this can affect breathing, particularly at night, and in rare cases can result in sleep apnoea. 

This more serious curvature of the spine can occur in some cases
Very Rare Symptoms 
(usually found in rare severe subtypes only)
 Usually mild, and coming on in later life
Voice difficulties
Making voice quieter
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Please do pop back each day and learn a little more about this disease.

To read my other Awareness Month posts, simply click on the "Awareness Month" tag at the very bottom of any of these posts!

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If you are interested in finding out more, the UK's official charity for the disease, CMT United Kingdom, have a wealth of information.


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  1. it's good that you post some awareness to help educate people. Come Feb, I do this for Epilepsy, which effects over 1 percent of people (about 73 million world wide). Hugs!!


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