Tuesday 22 September 2015

Treatments (CMT Awareness Month 2015 - DAY 22)

Welcome back to CMT Awareness Month on my blog!
I don't have a huge lot to write about today so you can all breathe a sigh of relief!

If however you would like to do a bit more reading, and/or you would like to know more about treatment options, read on!

CMT UK have an amazing website full of useful, accurate and up to date information and resources.

Click HERE to specifically read about treatments.

Click HERE to read about surgery

Click HERE to read about pain management

Click HERE to read about managing your CMT.
(This section includes the above topics plus much much more!)
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Again, please share these posts far and wide!
If you are interested in finding out more, the UK's official charity for the disease, CMT United Kingdom, have a wealth of information.


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